Few Reasons for Visiting 16th Arrondissement in Paris

Paris is the most beautiful city of Europe, where people from all corners of the world love to pay a visit and spend time to understand the cultural heritage, see various historical monuments and enjoy love and romance which is in the air.

If you ever visit Paris, you must visit sixteenth arrondissement of this city. There are quite a number of things to explore here and following are few important places that you will not like to miss.

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  1. Visit the museums

You will find most of the museums of Paris, in this sixteenth district only. If you love to visit museums then you must stay in this area.

Based on your interest, visit different museums where you will see various collections of MuséeMarmottan to Monnet to Museum of various modern arts of Paris. Also, you can see Asian art at the Guimet Museum.

  1. Art Nouveau architecture

Favourite playground of the Hector Guimard, which is in the sixteenth district, is one of the largest one in Paris for the Art Nouveau architecture.

If you want to discover all these during your leisure time you can just stroll around Avenue Mozart and rue Jean de la Fontaine.

  1. Rue Berton

This rue Berton is considered to be the most amazing place in whole of Paris, which is located at the heart of district of the La Muette.

The medieval atmosphere of this small pedestrian street which is hidden from all the rest parts of the Paris is considered to be the real wonder, which have survived all throughout the centuries.

  1. Gardens

Also, in this sixteenth district, you will find many number of parks and gardens, which are ideal for all families or if you want to have little relaxing time.

Out of all these gardens, the most original garden is the Parc de Bagatelle or Japanese Garden. You can also see the Parc Sainte-Perine as well as Bois de Boulogne.

  1. Eifel sight tour

If you are interested to see the panoramic view of famous Eiffel Tower, then you must visit L’esplanade du Trocadéro, which is most popular place of Paris.

Many tourists visit this place, which offers best views of the city of Paris. Here you can get the opportunity to discover original architecture of Palais de Chaillot, that was built during Universal Exhibition of the 1937.

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