Different Materials Used For Home Siding

The external covering of a house which is meant to shed water and protect it from the effects of weather is known as siding. A number of homeowners in many US cities like Baltimore and Brooklyn prefer to use materials like bricks or stone to make the siding of their homes. best stain for cedar siding

There are a number of different materials used for siding for homes, each with their own benefits and disadvantages. Depending on the climate of various places, certain materials are preferred for sidings over others. Here is a list of various types of sidings which are available:

1.Vinyl or Aluminum: Gaining popularity in newer homes, these materials are also sometimes used to cover the older sidings of a residence. The benefit of aluminum or vinyl sidings is that these do not require painting. On the other hand, the main disadvantages are that aluminum sidings tend to dent and the cracks form on vinyl ones.

2.Masonite: It is often seen that the quality of the sidings made of Masonite goes down as time goes by and requires proper care like painting and routine upkeep.

3.Stone or Brick: These materials are best suited for the construction of a siding. Baltimore residents are amongst those in US who prefer either bricks or stones for sidings, simply because these made out of bricks or stones look very attractive and are practically indestructible. However, in spite of all these benefits there is one drawback of these constructions which is the high price.

4.Stucco: Made of cement stuccos offer a solid, moisture proof, and a long lasting siding. Stucco also helps in keeping the house cooler during the summer time.

5.Cedar Shakes: This is a perfect alternative to Masonite walling because it does not require much maintenance. When properly stained, Cedar Shakes do not peel off or rot.

6.Steel and Vinyl Coatings: When it comes to construction of sidings, the popularity of this material is rising day by day. These require little maintenance but are quite expensive. On the steel bodies, vinyl coatings are applied. However, since it is comparatively a newer material very few companies actually know how to apply the coating correctly.

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